Fire Update for Saturday, August 2, 2014

8-1 ERIN WEBOregon Department of Forestry has a community meeting is scheduled for tonight at Green Springs Fire Station at 7 p.m., on the corner of Hyatt Lake Road and Highway 66.

The Beaver Complex consists of two fires: Salt Creek and Oregon Gulch Fires.

Here are the latest fire statistics from the Oregon Department of Forestry:

Salt Creek
Location: 20 miles northwest of Medford, OR
Percent Contained: 30%
Complex Size: 146 acres

Oregon Gulch
Location: 15 miles east of Ashland, OR
Percent Contained: 5%
Complex Size: 21,088 acres

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is maintaining a Level 3 evacuation order for homes in close proximity to the Oregon Gulch Fire. The identified area is Copco Road (6000 block to Oregon border).

At 9 a.m., Jackson County Sheriff’s Office issued a Level 1 evacuation for residents on Highway 66. The Level 1 area affected is the junction of Highway 66 and Hyatt Lake Road to the 22,000 block of Highway 66.

The July Complex consists of the Leef, Whites and Log fires.

Size: 2,867 acres
Percent Contained: 1%
Estimated Cost to Date: unknown
Est. Date of Containment: unknown
Total Personnel: 271
Committed Resources: 11 crews, 11 engines, 3 dozers, 1 water tender and 4 helicopters

A community meeting for information on the July Complex is scheduled for Saturday at 7:00 pm in the Etna High School Multi-Purpose Room on 400 Howell Avenue in Etna, California.

The Pumice Complex is burning at Crater Lake and has 18 fires, the largest is at 22 acres with the 17 other fires ranging from five acres to .10 of an acre. Officials say visitors at Crater Lake Park should use caution driving around the Park as there is increased traffic due to fire vehicle traffic.

Size: 28.5 acres
Containment: 75%
Injuries: 1
Total Personnel: 178

Handcrews: 6
Water Tenders: 2
Dozers: 0
Engines: 7
Smokejumpers: 3
Air Support
Helicopters: 3
Overhead: 19