Fire Training in Grants Pass

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Grants Pass fire crews began a special training for vehicle fires, thanks to a piece of equipment which travels around the state.

A modified vehicle with fuel tanks controlled by the fire crews belongs to the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training and is making its first appearance in Grants Pass.

Fire crews say the training is valuable because vehicle fires are fairly common and car’s age can determine how the fire is attacked. The training is a first with this piece of equipment, but similar exercises happen from time to time with real cars.

“It’s been several years since we’ve been able to do this. However, in the local area, through the community college, there’s usually a class offered once or twice a year where they get to do similar situations,” said Corp. Randy Delonge, with Grants Pass D.P.S.

Rural Metro Fire is also participating because, on some fires, both agencies respond. The training will continue through the weekend, with every firefighter having a chance to train.