Fire Station Starts Repairs After Crash

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The Ashland Fire and Rescue is undergoing repairs after a car crashed into it on Tuesday.

According to Ashland Fire and Rescue, the car was heading north on Siskiyou Boulevard, it swerved off the road and onto the sidewalk once… hitting some shrubbery, got back on the road for a few feet, jumped another curb and hit a fire hydrant and a light post before crashing into the fire station.

“The place where the vehicle hit is where there is a wall that divides, and so I think that probably helped to keep the vehicle out of the building as much as it did,” said Ashland Fire and Rescue Division Chief, Margueritte Hickman. “You know probably if it hit on either side of that (the dividing wall) they may have been able to come into the building even further.”

Contractors were out early Wednesday morning looking at the damage, and estimating the repair costs.  They say the damage is going to take a few weeks to repair.  A dollar amount on the damage has yet to be released.