Fire Season Over, Fire Risks Continue

NEAR RUCH, Ore. – Just because fire season may be over, doesn’t mean the fire risks are gone, too.

Firefighters from Applegate Fire District 9 responded to a two-acre grass fire on Humbug Creek Road on Wednesday. Crews say the fire was sparked by an open burn that caught some nearby dry grass. The fire was quickly brought under control and did not damage any structures.

Fire crews said it’s an example that fire dangers can still arise, even after fire season has ended. The Oregon Department of Forestry officially declared fire season to be over earlier this week, after the region received significant rainfall.

Applegate Fire Captain Mike Kuntz warned that some areas may still have dry grasses and other fire fuels, and that people may be letting their guard down because the official fire danger level is low. He said people hoping to conduct open burns should wait until the region has received a little more rain, in order to reduce the fire risk.

We see these all the time at the end of summer, usually right after fire season we get a little rain,” he said. “And then we’ll have some sunshine on the light flashy fuels.”