Fire Season Continues Despite Rain

Fires & RainMEDFORD, Ore. — Despite the stormy weather outside, fire officials say it may not be the season ending event they’ve been looking for.

It looks like summer is on its way out, but the wildfires apparently still have some life left in them. Fire officials say they’re still looking for what they call a season-ending event.

The Department of Forestry says there is still fire activity. All fires are fully contained except for Big Windy and Labrador, at 95% and 0%, respectively.

The decision to call fire season is based on weather and fuel conditions. Officials say they’ll make that call when it feels right.

“The season ending event is basically a combination of science and gut feeling, and what we mean by that is, are we out of danger of fire spreading and doing damage to landowners’ property?” explained District Protection Planner Matthew Krunglevich.

Once that season ending event is called, firefighters will go home until next year. Until then, the same restrictions on machinery and burning still apply.