Fire Restrictions Increase in Ashland


ASHLAND, Ore. – Beginning at midnight Friday an industrial fire precaution level 3 will be in effect for the city of Ashland. Commercial operators using equipment throughout the city may operate under these rules if they are providing the fire protection equipment specified.

Commercial operations within the Wildfire Hazard Zone (which is subject to Oregon Department of Forestry rules) are required to obtain a power driven machinery permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Under the IFPL 3, commercial operators in the city of Ashland, outside and more than 1/8 mile from the Wildfire Hazard Zone, must meet the following:

· spark arrester is required on all internal combustion engines

· factory installed mufflers on vehicles less than 50 cu in displacement

· enough fire tools on the job for the number of employees but at least 4 tools (tools must be on-site when operating and during fire watch)

· 1a10bc (2.5 lb.)  fire extinguisher on each non-handheld internal combustion engine

· handheld power equipment must have minimum 8 oz. fire extinguisher and shovel

· no smoking except in a safe area away from flammable vegetation

· each truck must have a 1a10bc (2.5 lb.)  fire extinguisher, shovel, and an axe or pulaski

· take immediate action to control and extinguish any fire started in operation area and call 9-1-1.

· fire watch with communication for 3 hours


The following activities are prohibited all day, except as noted:

· operation of handheld power equipment, except may operate until 1 pm when operating in conjunction with mechanized equipment or with a water supply.

· non-handheld equipment with internal combustion engines, except may operate until 1 pm when on cleared areas.

· commercial non-agricultural mowing of dry grass.


The following activities are prohibited between 1 & 8 pm.

· all power driven machinery.

· vehicle use off-road.


For the general public as of 12:00 a.m. Friday the follow restrictions will be in place:

· chainsaw use is prohibited.

· mowing of dead or dry grass and weeds with power driven equipment is prohibited but mowing of green lawns is permitted at any time, and this restriction does not apply to commercial agricultural purposes

· cutting, grinding or welding of metal is prohibited.


The above restrictions apply throughout the city of Ashland except in irrigated, non-combustible areas more than 1/8 of a mile from the wildfire hazard zone. Wildfire hazard zone maps can be viewed at www.ashland.or.us/fire.

The most current restrictions can be found at www.ashland.or.us/fireseason or by contacting Ashland fire & rescue at (541) 482-2770.