Fire Response Yields Marijuana Arrest

fireCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — In a stroke of luck, Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies responding to an overnight structure fire were able to arrest two men transporting illegal marijuana.

Fire engines were forced to block off part of Highway 99 in order to run hose to fight the fire. While redirecting traffic, deputies turned around a pickup truck carrying 18 marijuana plants — along with multiple mason jars of processed pot, paraphernalia, and a roll of cash.

“Right place, right time,” said Sergeant Dace Cochran. “Sometimes circumstances work against us and sometimes they work for us… it just worked in our favor.”

Two unnamed people were in the vehicle, both face charges yet to be determined.


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  1. Homer says:



    Hey… let’s transport in the off-hours… nobody will see us!

  2. Susan says:

    “Let’s drive TOWARD the flashing lights with this illegal load!”

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