Fire Destroys Trailer on Blackwell Road

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NEAR CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A woman loses her mobile home to a mid-morning fire near Central Point. Fire crews responded around 9 a.m. to heavy black smoke and flames billowing out of a trailer on the 6500 block of Blackwell Road.

Firefighters were concerned about propane tanks and a dog kennel near the structure, but first and foremost crews made sure no one was inside the home at the time of the fire.

The homeowner wasn’t there but she was on her way during the fire, she was very upset to find out her home was a total loss and her cat inside the trailer didn’t make it. Fire crews were able to get some of her belongings out of the structure.

“Those things can be salvaged and cleaned and, you know, our objective is to save life and property and we do that by salvaging some of the property, before we do overhaul and use our chainsaws and axes to work into those spaces where the fire might be,” explained Mark Northrop with Jackson County Fire District 3.

Fire crews sprayed a foam substance on the fire to cool off hot spots. The fire spread to a nearby power pole, but the grass was not dry enough to catch fire. The cause is still under investigation.