Fire Officials: Time to Change Batteries

MEDFORD, Ore. — Time has fallen back to normal as daylight savings time came to an end, and fire officials urge the public to change the batteries in smoke detectors.

Firefighters say it just takes a few minutes and can save lives. As cooler temperatures move in, potential for fires at home increase with the use of space heaters and fire places.

“Today is a great day to check the batteries on the smoke detector because we’re all working with our clocks and turning those clocks back so we’re already making our way through every room of the house making adjustments,” said Captain Sean Schmidt with Medford Fire.

This weekend alone, Medford Fire responded to three structure fires on Saturday and one on Sunday while Fire District 3 responded to a fire Saturday night in Eagle Point.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I moved to Oregon in 2011 and discovered that by law battery operated smoke alarms have to have a 10 year battery, if solely battery operated. So, why would firefighters suggest changing the batteries when we change our clocks? I did that in CA, where our detectors just used regular 9 volt batteries, but in OR they are lithium. Are some people still allowed to use the old ones? If they do, why not encourage them to buy the 10 year ones? They aren’t expensive., about $20.00. You pay that in 9 volts well before 10 years is up.

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