Fire Official Warn of Firework Fires

Explosive Warning For FireworksKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — We are almost exactly one month away from the Fourth of July, but officials say there have already been firework-related fires.

Klamath County fire officials are urging the public to only buy fireworks from a local retailer. They say they are inspected by officials to make sure the fireworks they sell are legal and safe.

The only fireworks allowed in Oregon are one that do not explode, fly into the air, or go more than 6 feet across or 1 foot up into the air. If you do buy fireworks this year, make sure to stay safe.

Officials say to make sure fireworks are only set off outdoors, and away from any fire hazards. They also say to make sure to put anything that was lit, into a bucket of water afterwards.

If a firework seems to be a dud, do not try to re-light it and put it in water. You should not store fireworks inside an occupied building.