Fire Near Greenway Likely Human-Caused

BIDDLE FIREMEDFORD, Ore. — Fire crews said the large grass fire behind the Crater Lake Ford dealership Thursday was likely-human caused, but there’s not enough evidence to point to a specific origin.

That fire broke out Thursday afternoon in a field between Biddle Road and Interstate 5 along the Bear Creek Greenway. Fire investigators said there were several homeless camps in that area next to the creek, and said they found cooking equipment and cigarettes.

Crews said the evidence points to the fire being started in one of those camps, but said it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sparked the fire.

“We believe we kind of have an area of origin,” said fire investigator Samanta Metheny. “But within that area of origin there’s probably three camp sites in close proximity and several more in the area.”

Metheny said yesterday’s fire burned about three or four acres.