Fire Lines Holding At Seiad Valley

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SEIAD VALLEY, Calif. – Fire lines are holding, and homes are being protected in Seiad Valley as the Goff Fire burns within yards of structures.

The Goff Fire Burned down the hill toward Seiad Valley on Tuesday night, but by Wednesday morning, it was stopped by a hand-line dug between the fire and people’s homes. Now crews hope it will be enough to slow down the fire.

Firefighters allowed the Goff Fire to burn downhill, and in some areas it met the fire lines, ran out of fuel, and burned out a short distance from homes.

Crews say no homes have been burned. The fire is still spreading toward other parts of Seiad Valley. Firefighters hope the fire lines will continue to hold in those places, but they also have crews stationed around the homes 24 hours a day to protect the structures.

A mandatory evacuation order is still in effect for people living in the Seiad Creek area, but officials say half the people in the affected area have stayed. Firefighters say the next step is seeing what happens when the fire reaches more of the fire lines. Depending on how it reacts will determine how they battle this fire moving forward.