Fire Leaves Pacifica Wedding Up In Smoke

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WILLIAMS, Ore. – Tami Rosenbaum tours the Pacifica Gardens for the first time since last week’s fire.

Her daughter’s wedding is scheduled to be there in a couple of weeks.

“I came here today to check the venue area, and it’s not quite what we saw when we first came to visit,” said Tami.

The fire that consumed roughly 500-acres of Williams started at that property. Now the view that would have been a beautiful pond and tree-covered hillside is now scarred and covered in orange, flame retardant chemicals.

Tami, who has been helping plan the wedding since her future son-in-law proposed on Christmas Eve, has been left in the dark.

“I haven’t heard anything from them, and that’s kind of the reason I came out here today to see if there was someone around that I could talk to,” said Tami.

But Pacifica Gardens management says they’re at a loss too. They say they still working with insurance to get an estimate on the damages, and in the meantime they can’t even get started on re-landscaping the area.

“The power company comes through today and they’re talking about taking down some of the trees that impact the power line,” said Jen Tietjen with Pacifica’s Forestfarm. “We’re also going to have to wait until their timeline.”

They say they’ll be convening their board in the next few days to figure out what they can do for the customers that reserved the property.

Tami says she isn’t sure what she’s hoping for. Even if she can get a refund, it might be too late.

“Kind of short notice to pick another venue,” said Tami. “We’ve already sent out invitations months ago.”

As with many affected by the fire, she says she’ll probably have to make due.

“We’ll just have to wait and see,” said Tami. “Hopefully we can make their special day special still.”

The investigation into who started the fire at Pacifica Gardens is ongoing.