Fire Investigation at Abandoned Mill

Fire Investigation

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Fire investigators are looking into what caused a fire Wednesday morning at an abandoned mill in Central Point.

Crews from Fire District 3 said they just happened to be driving in the area when the spotted smoke coming from the building on South Haskell Street. Firefighters said flames were climbing up through the walls and ceiling of a room inside the structure, but crews were able to knock it down quickly.

The building is known to police as a camp for transients, but firefighters said they do not know what started the fire.

“Our investigation is ongoing, we know there was no power to the building,” Will Clelland with Fire District 3 commented. “Central Point police are working with our investigators to determine the cause.”

Medford Fire and Central Point Police also responded to the scene. Crews said they did not find anyone at the scene of the fire.