Fire Hydrant Honors Fallen Soldier

hydrantsEAGLE POINT, Ore.– A special fire hydrant in Eagle Point is honoring a local marine who died during a training exercise last September.

Nick Sell’s mother brought the idea to the city council and Fire District Three last fall. Kathy Sell said it is┬ásomething to not only remember her son, but to inspire people to tour the city. It was designed after Sell’s uniform and the badges he wore.

The hydrant can be found on the corner of Main Street and Royal Avenue. This is the first of many hydrants expected to be painted around Eagle Point. Several have already been adopted, but city officials said they want to have 80 more painted in time for the Fourth of July parade.

It costs $75 to adopt a hydrant. The city will then supply $25 worth of paint and supplies.


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  1. Rachel Hicks says:

    Very beautiful

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