Fire District Gets New Trucks

Fire District Gets New TrucksTALENT, Ore. — Jackson County Fire District 5 just received two new engines. Taxpayer dollars in the department’s general fund paid for the rigs. They were about $375,000 apiece. The trucks won’t be in service for another few weeks. Crews are waiting on some striping and other detailing work to be completed on the outside of the vehicles. The trucks also need radios installed and firefighters need to train on them before they are able to go out to an emergency.

Once they are in service, they will be put to work for 20 years. Firefighters say the new rides can deliver a lot of water in a hurry. They have pumps pushing water at 1,250 gallons per minute.

“These rigs are going to have 1,000 gallons of water available to the rural which is … We serve a large rural district so we need that extra water capacity,” said firefighter Dave Meads.

The district is donating an old backup engine to Greensprings Fire and Rescue.