Student Firefighters Train in New Course

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Crews were battling a fire over at Fire District 3 but for training purposes with students. For several weeks student firefighters are learning everything from survival skills to fighting flames, and on Wednesday they put their skills to the test.

Students worked together to put out various fires inside a makeshift steel building. A recent change in the program is bringing in more students from Rogue Community College. Fire District 3 has worked with RCC to make recent changes in the course; it’s longer about 11 weeks and students are getting more focused attention on various topics inside and outside of the classroom.

Before the course started Fire District 3 had so many applicants it had to turn away some students. For the students who are in this program they’re learning how to fight fires but other critical techniques like basic survival skills and how to extricate a person out of a car.