Fire Department Walkout Fallout

hornbrock fireHORNBROOK, Calif. — An investigation is underway at a small volunteer fire department in Northern California. Hornbrook firefighters were ordered to return to their fire house Thursday after walking out earlier this week.

A special all-staff meeting Thursday morning included an equipment inventory and safety check. The fire district’s board president says taking the inventory is a part of the current investigation.

Details of the investigation aren’t being released. However, both the board president and assistant chief say it centers on safety.

“It’s a total safety issue, it has to do with the solvency of this board and this district,” said Kimberly Olson, President of Hornbrook Fire Protection District.

“The fire department, we officially quit due to the fact the board will not address our safety concerns,” said Assistant Chief Lee Buckley.

The assistant chief and two other people also faced a disciplinary hearing on Thursday. They are accused of theft and failure of duty. CalFire will continue to respond to fires in the Hornbrook area, but says there could be a longer response time.

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  1. Goblin says:

    Ok, so we see Buckley (charged with theft – how was THAT information obtained?) making these comments about how bad the Board is, and we see gear going into the firehouse for inspection while at least one uniformed cop is right there.

    Obviously there’s more to it.

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