Fire Danger: “Extreme”

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Fire danger was moved to “Extreme” or Red for Jackson and Josephine Counties. Consecutive days in the triple digits has dried us out significantly and with the afternoon winds and thunderstorm activity continuing, threat for wildfire and rapid spreading is at an all-time high.

High pressure over the region is keeping a lid on the thunderstorm development. There were a few that were developing far south of the are in Lassen County dropping heavy rainfall, hail, and causing gusty outflow winds. These storms are not expected to make it any further north today. We had a RED FLAG WARNING that was in effect for the Illinois Valley due to low relative humidity and gusty afternoon winds. It expired around 6:30 p.m. A FIRE WEATHER WATCH has been issued for Northern California and the Southern Klamath Basin (mostly Southern Lake County). This is due to the strong afternoon thunderstorms expected to develop tomorrow. This watch will most likely be upgraded to a red flag warning the closer we get.

Starting Sunday, a change in the weather pattern will bring much needed relief from the scorching heat we’ve experienced for the better part of July. A healthy dose of arctic air will start making it’s way down into the Pacific Northwest and will allow us to drop from the triple digits to afternoon highs that are below average. This will also bring a chance for afternoon thunderstorms back to the region, with the upper level system driving in moisture and instability.

Afternoon thunderstorms will be the story over the end of the weekend and the beginning of next week. Monsoonal flow from the Southwest in between a ridge of high pressure and an offshore low will increase instability in the region. As the upper level low tracks down south from the Northern Pacific, it will send in a series of weak frontal boundaries that will increase moisture and instability further. Therefore all regions will see some form of shower activity with this event. All the way from the coast to the Klamath Basin, showers are expected at the beginning of the week. Now, this will be mostly isolated and not everywhere will receive measurable amounts of rainfall. In addition to the showers, temperatures will cool off each afternoon until mid-week. Arctic air will usher in and drop temperatures anywhere from 5-10 degrees below average for Tuesday and Wednesday. This will be a much needed relief from the heat. In just a matter of four days we will drop from the upper 90’s to the mid 80’s.

Thunderstorms continue to Thursday, as the post-frontal showers linger and thunderstorms continue. These will stay mostly in the northern areas as the upper level low tracks off to the northeast.  High Pressure, once again takes dominance in the Pacific Northwest by the end of the week allowing for drying and warming back up to above average temperatures.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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Photos Submitted Today: 

Jacie Overton:

Saw dust pile on fire AGAIN...sending back up lots of flames and smoke!!

Saw dust pile on fire AGAIN…sending back up lots of flames and smoke!!

Terry Croft:

Beautiful hike~ Ashland Meadows- Another trek today, perfect weather at Mt. Ashland

Beautiful hike~ Ashland Meadows- Another trek today, perfect weather at Mt. Ashland


View from Ashland Meadows-


Ashland Meadows- hike