Fire Crews Transition Out in Glendale

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GLENDALE, Ore. — The outgoing fire management team creates a transition guide to let the incoming team know what they have done so far and what they are required to do, going into the next two weeks.

Incident management teams are only allowed to be on a fire for 21 days. For many at the Douglas Complex, they’re time has come to an end.

“We’re anxious to get home, get reacquainted with our families and get back to our regular jobs for a few days,” Paul Ries said.

Ries and several others packed up their tents, leaving behind empty spaces. But don’t worry, a new crew is on their way to fill the spots. However this transition, is unlike any other incident management team transition.

“Because of the risk that is still out there to the public, what we are doing, is transitioning from one type one team to another type one team so at the state level this is pretty rare,” Ries explained. “This is the first time in 25 years that I can recall.”

Fire officials say the goal is to have the exact same level of service coming in that you had from the team going out. The new team has to pick up right where the old one leaves off and some say this can be difficult.

“It is a little bit because it’s been going on so you have to pick up some facts and figures really quickly and the best way is just to jump right in and start answering the phone and start talking with people when you are out and about in the community,” Leotra Ashley said.

Ashley got to the camp a couple of days ago so she could learn the procedures early and help the new team transition easier.

“I think it helps because I already know some of the key local people that can help us from the cooperating agencies and just some of us who are the local people and can just kind of help fill in the blanks,” Ashley added.

The outgoing incident management team is being sent home but they don’t expect to stay there for long.

“The wildfire threat in the state is still really severe and with only 3 incident management teams, the other two are already out now so we will go home and we will be back up on the clock now here in a day or two ready to take another assignment if need be,” Ries commented.

The school district is allowing the fire team to stay at Glendale High School through August 27th. Fire officials say by that time they hope the fire is under control and they will be able to hand the Douglas Complex over to the local ODF district.