Fire Crews Meet with Community

community meetingNEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — More than 100 people soaked in as much information as possible at Saturday’s community meeting. The Oregon Gulch Fire got up and ran fast, meaning the people living near it need answers now.

“As fast as this fire ran, we thought it was important to get out here in the face of the community as soon as we could to maybe uh alleviate some of their concerns,” said Tom Fields, a fire information specialist.

Elizabeth Tripp says Saturday’s information session alleviated her concerns. “I feel better,” she said.

She’s been really worried about this fire, considering she lives just a few miles away from it.

“You know it’s getting scary when your looking off your deck and all you can see is this huge plume of grey smoke and then it looks like its headed towards you.”

At the community meeting, Tripp not only found out that the fire is actually not headed toward her home, but she also got the chance to put a face to the fire crews fighting to keep it that way.

“It’s pretty well on their end of the fire. The fire seems to be moving at this time kind of more away from the community and more away from homes. So that was positive news for the community,” said Fields.

“It was really good to come and just hear from the people that are out here on the line and it’s really humbling actually there is so much support and all of these people here are just coming in from everywhere,” said Tripp.