Fire Crews Gear up for Wildfire Season

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire crews across the Rogue Valley are gearing up for another, possibly intense fire season.  Fire departments are dusting off their wildland firefighting gear, and the Oregon Department of Forestry already has crews hard at work.

Fire danger is at low right now, but that will be changing within the coming months.  ODF already has 10 crew members working every day at its Central Point office.  Currently, those crew members are doing fuel reductions, but they are ready to fight wildfires at a moment’s notice.

More than 100 other ODF fire crew members have been hired on this year and will start working in June.

Fire District 3 is also getting ready for fire season.  Wednesday firefighters started their pre-fire season training.  Crews worked together to become familiar with fire equipment, and learned how to use portable fire shelters.  Fire District 3 is part of the Wildland Urban Interface team.

“We’re out there working alongside everyone.. ODF… BLM and some of us do go out on bigger fires … so it’s good that we get this training and get ready for it, and then be ready to go out when there is a call,” said Andy Cardinal, Fire District 3 firefighter.

Fire prevention specialists said a typical fire season runs from mid-June through mid-October.