Fire Crews Fight Wolf Creek Fire

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WOLF CREEK, Ore. — Wildfires continue to spread near Grants Pass and surrounding areas.  The Wolf Creek fire started as a 20 acre fire, and was up to 40 acres mid-day Saturday.

Unlike human caused fires, dry lightning fires are usually in remote areas, and difficult for fire crews to access.  Fire crews must use helicopters and other air-crafts, carrying water and retardant, to put the fires out.

The Oregon Department of Forestry said the fire breakouts can be stressful, but describe them as an “organized form of chaos.”

ODF officials said they try to target the fires that will do the most damage fires.  The weather plays a big factor in forest fires.

“The forests are very very dry and the temperatures, even with the little temperature drop here yesterday is still hot, and then the wind is always a concern,” said the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Brian Ballou.

The Wolf Creek fire has yet to be contained.