Fire Closures Force Hikers to Detour

ASHLAND, Ore. — Pacific Crest Trail hikers passing through Callahan’s Lodge say they were forced to take a detour due to Goff Fire closures. Multiple trails are closed currently because of fire danger in the Seiad Valley, including parts of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Mexico to Canada and most hikers pass through Ashland’s Callahan’s Lodge on the way. But when one hiker headed north to reach the Lodge, he reports taking a detour.

“The alternate route was a forest service road that they were sending us on because the P.C.T was actually closed,”┬áthe hiker told Newswatch 12. “I tried to hitch hike out and a retired sheriff gave me a ride up to the alternate route, so I got out of there.”

Callahan’s Lodge has not seen a decrease in hiker business due to the Goff Fire closures. In fact, this year, more than 400 hikers have passed through, which is double the amount from last year.