Fire Camps Resemble Small Cities


GLENDALE, Ore. — Firefighters have been camped out at Glendale High School and Riddle Elementary for 18 days now.

The fire camps are set up to resemble small cities. They have communal showers, a portable laundromat, and food trucks serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those amenities take a lot of supplies according to the Douglas Complex Logistics Specialist.

So far, the camp has used 12,800 pounds of liquid eggs, 6,000 pounds of cardboard, 112,000 gallons of potable water and 174 portable toilets.

“When we go shopping we don’t use a grocery cart, we use a 40 foot semi-truck and we will get one of those per day full of grocery items and one of them full of Gatorade, water and ice,” Logistics Section Chief, Malcom Hiatt, said.


Officials figure out how much food to order based on menus representing quantities for 100 people.