Fire Camp Returns to TouVelle

8-13 touvelle campCENTRAL POINT, Ore. – With the ongoing fire activity in the area, fire camp is being brought back to TouVelle State Park.

The TouVelle camp had already been cleared out after the Salt Creek Fire was contained and mopped up, and many of the resources were lugged over to Howard Prairie for the Oregon Gulch Fire.

Officials at the camp say they wouldn’t be bringing it back without good reason, given the impact it has on the local area.

“We had a wedding here this weekend that was scheduled that’s probably not going to happen. We have several reservations for people to camp, who probably aren’t going to be able to come here. So it does impact locally pretty heavily.” said Paul Blankenship, Logistics Section Chief for the Rogue River Drive Fire.

The new TouVelle camp is type 3, meaning it’s smaller than it was before — around 160 people compared to 1200 or so earlier. It’s expected to be fully up and running Wednesday evening, and will likely stay through the weekend.