Rogue River Drive Fire 100 Acres

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NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. — Fire crews are working on a 100 acre fire burning on Rogue River Road between Eagle Point and Shady Cove. Crews have taken a defensive position around 5 homes in the path of the fire. Fire officials say 15 to 20 homes are threatened total.

The public information officer on the fire says the crews attacked the fire from the air with five helicopters and two tankers until sunset. There are also multiple hand crews that will continue to work on the fire overnight. There is said to be a water source close to the fire and that is helping in the fire fight.  Rogue River Drive is closed.

The crews say the fire activity has slowed recently and they believe there will be little risk to the homes in the hours ahead. The fire is believe to be lightning caused, and erratic winds made the fire spread quickly. Calmer winds are expected to help in the fire fight.

Crews were able to arrive on scene quickly as they diverted many resources from the Oregon Gulch Fire from the camp site at Howard Prairie Resort.

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  1. Sarah says:

    There is more then the Oregon Gulch camp. There’s a fire camp at Steward State Park and at Prospect State Airport where crews left from.

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