Fire At Boise Cascade

MEDFORD, Ore. – A fire in a chip container at Boise Cascade Company brought firefighters from across the Rogue Valley together Tuesday morning.

Around 11:40 a.m., fire crew members from Medford, Central Point and Fire District No. 3 all responded. They say flames started up in one of its collection points where leftover pieces are put in to get disposed of later.

Fire crews believe flames could have started two ways. One a chip could have got stuck in the machinery or two spontaneous combustion, which they doubt is the cause.

“That’s less of an occurrence in this type of operation because these chips are constantly moving, they’re moved to the bin and then they’re dropped into trucks an disposed of,” explained Fire District No. 3 Fire Marshal Hugh Holden.

Fire crews focused on putting water on the chip container to hold the fire in one spot.