Fire at Ashland Middle School

ASHLAND, Ore. — Just after 11 a.m. crews from Ashland Fire and Fire District 5 responded to a fire at Ashland Middle School.

Students and faculty were evacuated and fire crews quickly put the fire out. The fire started in a boy’s bathroom on the south side of the building – a part of the building school officials say is primarily used by sixth graders.

The cause of the fire is still being determined and school officials say the monthly fire drill is credited with the safe smooth evacuation.

“We’re still analyzing the damage in that bathroom and any potential for smoke, but the most important message for now is that all students evacuated safely and there are no problems with any of the kids,” said Superintendent Juli Dichiro.

7th and 8th grade students were soon let back in the building to resume the day however 6th grade students went to their lunch period to buy more time for school officials to plan what’s next.

School officials said they would relocate students if they were unable to return to their classroom due to the fire.