Fire Agencies Urge Fuel Reduction

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Multiple fire agencies are pleading with the public this week, asking residents to get ready for what could be an intense fire season. Chris Chambers with Ashland Fire and Rescue says if the drought persists through the summer, the region may be in for a smokey and dangerous season.

Chambers says it is possible to conserve water and still reduce fire fuel. “You don’t even need to actually water your lawn, which takes up a lot of water and could be costly and is certainly not the best thing during the drought. So, keeping the grass under four inches and cut and just away from that area right up against the house, the grass could be dead and its not going to pose a significant threat.”

Medford Fire and Rescue urges anyone with brush or yard debris to clear it as early as possible.

The Oregon Department of Forestry is also urging residents to reduce fire fuel around their property.

On May 4th, Ashland residents can take their debris to the transfer station to be recycled for free.