Fire Agencies Respond to Illegal Burns


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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Fire agencies in Southern Oregon have responded to several illegal burn calls since fire season started on June 2.

Typically, offender could get a warning or a citation with a fine depending on how serious the offense is.

Those officials add that a person could be responsible for damages that come from a negligent fire, and could possibly have to pay the cost to fight the fire.

“If you have a fire on your property, and it goes into your neighboring property, you can be held liable for damages that are caused if it’s a fire that was found to be negligent,” said Don Hickman with Jackson County Fire District 3.

Fire officials also say they typically try to educate the offenders before handing out citations.

With the 2014 fire season expected to be high risk with the drought conditions, fire officials also say it is especially important for the community to be aware of fire and burn laws.