Filmmakers Promote Filming in Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — Hollywood producers brought television actors, fake snow and a guy in a Sasquatch costume to the Oregon capitol on Thursday.

They were trying to convince state lawmakers to divert more money to support film and video production.

Actors and executives from NBC’s Grimm, TNT’s Leverage and IFC’s Portlandia were on hand for the high-tech show in Salem on Thursday.

Those television shows are all filmed in Portland. The measure has passed one House committee and is awaiting action in another.

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  1. Geoff McPherson says:

    PLEASE, Salem…please…as an Oregonian, I am ALL for “inviting” and “encouraging” film production here in our state. We border California. We have all the diversity and beauty that BC has, and no sales tax, either. Aren’t we ALL just a WEE bit TIRED of seeing potted palm trees becoming recognized supporting actors in movies filmed in Canada? I am SO tired of seeing coastal rainforests in EVERY OTHER MOVIE…or nine out of ten tv series..all because they’re filmed in BC instead of US. Arnold tried to get the same breaks for Ka lee Forn E ya but that went to partisan haides. LETS DO WHAT CALIFORNIA CANT: Let’s keep OUR movies HERE, in AMERICA…the Canadians have beaten us enough at our own game..and all we had to do was “see the forest for the trees”… Let’s PROVE that we want JOBS and that OREGON is BEAUTIFUL and is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to California, only, without most of the crippling regulations..for now…. THUMBS UP FOR OREGON FILM CREDITS…ALL THE WAY…MONEY WHERE YOUR JOBS-MOUTH IS..VOTE FOR CREDITS FOR FILMS CAST AND PRODUCED IN OREGON. sorry I had to “yell”.

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