Fight Back During Active Shooting Crisis

ACTIVER SHOOTER ADVICEMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford police officers are urging people to think twice about the way they would handle an active shooting situation.

Police said during an active shooting, the first response most people have is to hide, but really you should fight dirty, meaning you should fight back.

“It’s just something to think about, if that is an option and that plan presents itself, you know we would certainly encourage that type of violence so to speak to his violence,” said Lt. Mike Budreau, with the Medford Police Department.

Although this does mean putting oneself in danger, police said the civilian is already in danger in that situation.

Instead of hiding, think quick, and work with those around you to take the shooter down.

Police said every second counts during an active shooting, and it only takes two to three people to take an armed gunmen down.