Festival Offers Fragrant Tours

Lavender FestivalCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — More than 22 lavender destinations across the state are showing of fragrant blooms this weekend. It’s day one of the 12th Annual Oregon Lavender Festival.

The Oregon State University Extension Center displays more than 80 varieties of lavender in Central Point. The Oregon Lavender Association created a Southern Oregon loop. That loop includes Applegate Valley Lavender Farm, Two Sisters Lavender Farm and Lavender Fields Forever. Organizers say there will be two more farms added to that loop next year.

At the Central Point farm, visitors could pick the plant, distill its essential oil, buy bouquets or other lavender creations.

“We have been very, very busy, especially this morning. I’m feeling a little bit hoarse. I think I need a glass of lavender lemonade to soothe the throat,” said Head Gardner Ellen Scannell.

The event continues through Monday. Click here for the schedule.