Feral Cat Attacks Family

MEDFORD, Ore. – In a bizarre scene in Medford, a feral cat fell through a family’s ceiling, then attacked the family and responding police officers.

Medford Police said the family on West 11th Street was surprised when a feral cat somehow got into their house, then fell through the ceiling and into a room Tuesday night. The cat became aggressive, and began racing around the house, trying to claw and bite the family members.

The homeowner brought out his .22-caliber pistol and tried to shoot the cat, then flagged down nearby officers to help remove the animal, but the cat wasn’t dead, and tried to attack the officers before escaping outside. No one was hit by the gunshots, and no one was seriously hurt by the cat.

The Medford Animal Hospital said feral cats can be very aggressive toward people and veterinarians recommend people stay away from the animals. They said if a feral cat does get inside your home, try to give the animal a way outside, but if it doesn’t leave, call animal control officers or shelters. Avoid touching the cat, because it could carry diseases.