Female Found Walking Naked Along I-5

TRAFFICNEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Oregon State Police (OSP) reportedly identified a young female found walking naked early Sunday morning along Interstate 5 north of Ashland. The female reportedly had no identification and appeared to possibly be autistic and unable to communicate.

Officers say with the assistance of the local 911 center she was positively identified about three hours after she was found.

The original call came in at 4:15 a.m. OSP officers say they were dispatched to the report of the naked female walking along I-5 near milepost 19. OSP Senior Trooper Heather West reports contacting the female and transporting her to a Medford-area hospital where doctors examined her. Officials say there was nothing to indicate she was a victim of a crime.

Before identifying her, police released this description: Caucasian, 5′ tall, approximately 140 lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, missing a top front left tooth and no noticeable scars, tattoos, or marks.

Police say her name and other information will not be released. She is from the local Ashland area, according to OSP.


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  1. John Kious says:

    Oregon State Trooper tasers a lone non-combatant 11 year old autistic girl??

    Early Sunday morning (June 16th) a call was put in of a naked ‘woman’ walking northbound on I-5 near the city of Ashland. OSP Senior Trooper Heather West contacted her and because the girl did not respond – the trooper tasered her!

    The reason given is that the trooper was worried that the girl would wonder into traffic.

    What happened to the old-fashioned method of physically restraining her & walking her out of harm’s way? If she was close enough to taser the girl, the trooper was close enough to grab her.

    The girl was peaceful and non-combative…obviously NOT armed (she was naked!)

    I am an ex-police officer and the father of an autistic daughter – I am appalled.

    There was a news story not 6 months ago regarding law enforcement officers here in Southern Oregon undergoing training on how to deal with mentally handicapped people…is this what they came up with? – tasering them ‘right off the bat’??

    The parents are obviously upset. The mother said that her daughter has the mindset of a 3 year old and her autistic tendency is to ‘escape’ out of her home.

    OSP Senior Trooper Heather West needs to not only find another job, she needs to go to jail for assault!

  2. Mike says:

    Did the state police use a taser on her?

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