Feeling More Like December

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The rest of the week in the way of sunny breaks and temperatures is really all dependent on fog.  We have areas of fog in the basin this morning and most areas in the valleys are dealing with clouds rather than fog. As long as those clouds stick around that really hinders our ability for cooling and thus fog formation. If the fog forms and lingers today we won’t see as much daytime warming or as much sunshine. Without as much sunshine we won’t see as much drying, so that means we’ll continue to have enough moisture tonight to form fog again and through the weekend. Unfortunately, there is uncertainty in the temperatures and how much sunshine we’ll see through the weekend. But what I am fairly confident about is how dry we’ll be.

Tonight through tomorrow we’ll see a cold front pass through which will bring in a chance for scattered showers, mainly in the mountains and west of the Cascades to the coast.  This cold front will be dropping temperatures and thus dropping snow levels so we could see snow showers at the higher elevations. This cold front isn’t very juicy so I don’t expect to see as much widespread rain or as heavy of rain as the strong storms we’ve seen the last couple weeks. After this system moves through temperatures will be more seasonable and we’ll see more widespread fog return, so feeling more like December.

Road hazards still exist in the form of fog lowering visibility, with a drop in temperatures all of the water on the roads may now turn icy, and the potential for rockslides still exists since the ground remains saturated.  I’ll be updating my Facebook and Twitter with road and weather reports so be sure to follow me to find out more! Thanks for logging on and have a great Thursday!

Meteorologist Megan Parry