Feeding Firefighters Keeps Crews Busy

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MERLIN, Ore. — While the Brimstone Fire continues to grow, so does the line of hungry firefighters returning from the fire lines. A team with Star Catering prepared the meals for the firefighters, a feat managers say is challenging itself.

“It’s always a fight to get this many guys fed. When you’re looking at 700 guys in the matter of an hour, it’s speed. speed is what it’s all about,” said Star Catering manager Jarrod Spencer.

Spencer said with the amount of labor the fire crews do in a day, calories and protein are the focus of the meals.

“We make sure that they do exceed, not meet but exceed, 2,000 calories for dinner. We fill them up,” said Spencer.


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  1. Pat says:

    Only “guys”? I’m a woman firefighter. We don’t count, huh?

  2. Del Miesner says:

    Jeremy Miesner pictured here is my son and I am very proud of him and the work he is doing. All the guys doing this dangerous stuff are real live hero’s.

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