Feeding Crews At The Fort Complex Fire

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RUCH, Ore. — The tables were empty Saturday afternoon at the Fort Complex Fire camp at Cantrall-Buckley Park near Ruch. When the 18 hand crews return from fighting fires, warm meal will be ready for them.

Camp food director Jeff Caswell arrived Friday and says his team was ready from the moment they arrived.

“We were set up in less than two hours and cooking with in 45 minutes but the entire camp was set up and ready” said Caswell.

Crews are out fighting three separate fires. All are on the California side of the border which together are being called the Fort Complex Fire. The fire is more than 700 acres in size and officials say is 7% contained.

Fort Complex Fire official Kate Kramer says that the fires are in secluded parts of the forest making it difficult for crews to get to.

“Our fires may get bigger before they go out because we need the fires to come down to terrain that firefighters can engage with the fires safely” said Kramer.

Caswell says that the high calorie and high protein meals mean a lot to the fire crews.

“When you see them with their eyes surrounded by smoke and know that they’ve put in a hard day it’s very rewarding to even give them water and provide them with food. They’re so thankful” said Caswell.



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  1. Tod Harrison says:

    What percentage of the Fort Complex fires are burning within the Red Buttes Wilderness Area. Goff Butte is part of the southern border of the wilderness area; Hello Canyon and Lake are inside the western flank of the Wilderness; Lick Gulch is just northwest of the wilderness; and the 957 Butte Fork trail runs through the heart of the wilderness. Please try to post a fire map of the area.


    Tod Harrison

    1. Diane D says:

      A map can be found at the following address:

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