Feedback Puts Charge in Local Company

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland Police Officer John Perrone strapped on his helmet as he went on patrol Wednesday afternoon, and he’ll be taking note on more than traffic violations. Perrone is assigned to patrol downtown Ashland, and for the past year he has been riding a Brammo motorcycle which he says makes all the difference.

“Areas that I could only access before on foot or maybe on a bicycle. By the time I would get there, often times with my mountain bike, I’d be exhausted,” said Officer Perrone.

Last year locally-based Brammo partnered up with Ashland police. The company is hoping law enforcement agencies across the world will choose their motorcycles, but first, they must make sure they fit the needs of officers.

“We give them feedback on what we like, what we don’t like, what works, what doesn’t work,” said officer Perrone.

Brammo founder and C.E.O. Craig Bramscher said the suggestions officer Perrone and others have made have improved the overall product of Brammo’s most recent models.

“We’re excited to get a lot of feedback from them on what’s important to them so the Empulse is a better bike because of the feedback we got on the Enertia,” said Bramscher.

Bramscher said law enforcement agencies look at long-term cost and because of his company’s advantage in low maintenance costs and efficient batteries, his company is becoming a front runner.

“Whether it be Los Angeles or Italy or any of the places we’re talking to looks at what it’s going to cost them for three years to put an officer onto a vehicle, we end up winning,” said Bramscher.