Federal Shutdown Impacts Local Agencies

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Congress has yet to work out an agreement, meaning hundreds of national parks and multiple federal agencies are now closed down.

Thousands of federal workers across the nation were sent packing home. Local employees were also furloughed because of the government shutdown.

Tuesday, the Medford Bureau of Land Management closed its doors. Employees stopped by the office to change e-mails, voice-mails, and lock up important documents. All BLM services across Oregon and Washington are also suspended.

The Army National Guard also had to send its technicians at the Medford location home. If any equipment or vehicle breaks down the National Guard says it has no one locally to fix it.

“They came into work this morning and were told to lock everything securely and to wait for further notice,” said Maj. Paul Dyer, with the Army National Guard.

The shutdown does not mean all government functions are at a stand-still. The White City VA Rehabilitation Center and clinics is continuing its services. A spokeswoman says the V.A.’s budget was squared away last year, preventing any cuts in services or employees.