Federal Raid On High Hopes Farm

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NEAR RUCH, Ore. – Federal agents raided a large medical marijuana farm outside Jacksonville on Tuesday morning. The local community saw the raids on pot farms last year, now it seems they are starting again.

The High Hopes Farm near Ruch grew medical marijuana for about 200 patients, with multiple plants for each of those people. On Tuesday, federal agents descended on the property and hauled those drugs away.

Beginning around 9 a.m., DEA agents hauled truckloads of marijuana from the farm off Upper Applegate Road. The federal authorities would only say they were serving a drug search warrant for multiple addresses on the property and they did not allow NewsWatch12 cameras on the farm.

Workers of the High Hopes Farm said agents were chopping down the marijuana plants and detaining people. Federal agents raided several medical marijuana grows in Southern Oregon last year, even though the grows said they were in compliance with state law, marijuana is illegal under federal law. Advocates of medical marijuana at the scene of the raid on Tuesday said it is depriving people of medicine.

Newswatch12 spoke with the owner of the High Hopes Farm twice last year, including when local representatives toured the grow. Owner James Bowman said at the time he wanted the grow to be in compliance with state law, and hoped it would be a model if the state legalized the drug. Authorities are not saying if anyone was arrested or how many plants were seized.


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  1. Val says:

    I really think this is BS if it were on the up and up they would have let the news crews in. I suspect that who ever is in charge of these raids are profiting from them. There are a great many individuals that need this medicine and it is the only relief they have to what ails them.

    1. a smith says:

      Too bad for those people who have to abide by the Federal law like the rest of us. There are always other alternatives to medical pot. You say that the cancer meds make you ill and need it. I understand that and you deserve to use anything in your time of need. But come on people, your back aches and pot makes it feel better. Wrong. You just don’t remember that it is suppose to hurt because your high. Just stop and think of that odor that reeks from those plants as they mature. They should not be allowed to grow that skunk grass within 20 miles of another residence. So you go smoke the pot to make you well and for those of us who don’t smoke it will just stay inside our homes with all the windows closed because the smell of it is making us sick!

  2. Steve Lehnhardt says:

    This farm was in eye view of Ruch Elementry school.

  3. Christine deLeon says:

    I, personally do not use marijauna, but feel the government should
    leave the state licensed farms alone. It is a natural medicine after
    all. Wouldn’t our tax dollars be better spent on them investigating
    more serious crimes like child abductions & heroine dealers?

  4. Ed says:

    I think its real funny, Its spelled out in black and white in the OMMP regs and also in Oregon state regs, The number of plants you can grow at one address. By state law and Ommp regs, You are allowed 4 growers per address, each grower is allowed 4 patients, each patient is allowed 6 flowering plants and 18 seedlings, That means there can be no more than 96 flowering plants on one sight,This is what is legal in oregon. Now lets look at these numbers 200 patients, each can have 6 plants, dose that mean there were 1200 plants growing here? WOW if that is the case, there is no way this is legal under Oregon or OMMP law and i belive these people should be charged not only for being over on there numbers, but also for being greaty and stupid. It also comes to mind that most of your big bust here in the valley over the last few years, it seems they were all hooked up with SONORML in Medford. Maybe this is were the problem is

  5. Gary says:

    Sorry bro but the feds take pecedence and they dont recognize legal pot. and they just take it nd burn it.

  6. Phil in Oregon says:

    You gotta admit that even 200 patients don’t need 24,000 lbs. of pot… The fact that it’s legal in Oregon and illegal in most of the other states means it’s going to turn into a big, BIG problem.

  7. sue says:

    LMAO!!! phil in oregon must be a cop! 24 thousand pounds is a lot. they had 400 plants. that means 60lbs per plant. wow! i want that clone.

  8. high hopes employee says:

    You guys have no clue, I worked up there and there was no illegal activity going on with farm. What patients and employees do in their personal time hadd nothoing to do with farm. High hopes was a great environment with a great person in james leading it. I hope the dea realizes how much u just screwed hundreds of patients and employees from the valley. We all have spent many month year around ensuring quality and abiding by state laws. Its sad ignorant people gotta turn a good thing bad.

    1. laylo says:

      Serious?.I am an ommp patient/grower & have been legal since 2000.If you believe High Hopes & every other large scale “medical” grower is legit,you are a retard just like Bowman.Since you “worked” there,you know in no uncertain terms quantity & large takes precedence over actual quality.Every one of these Robin Hood Dudley Doo Right growers like Bowman & Maus & Lacey are just common criminals believing there own bullshit.HMMMMM,lets see 200 cards,even if 1 plant per patient were planted & the legal limit of 1.5 pounds per patient is delivered,where does the other 300 pounds go.MEDICAL & LEGIT,& I am sure only 1 plant was planted per card.RELIABLE SOURCES ARE SAYING OVER 1000 PLANTS WERE ON THE FARMS.DO THE MATH.HIS “PATIENTS” SHOULD ALSO.KEEP POKING THE BEAR & HE WILL GET YOUR ASS.

  9. Paul says:

    Marijuana=medicine, pleeeease. This country needs people who can think and produce, not sitting around smoking pot destroying their minds and health. Way to go DEA, keep it up

  10. Past HHF employee says:

    All of you people that dont know everything that was going on there are extemely stupid!! How can you say there was 1200 plants on the farm. If you actually read what the article says there were 200 patients wich ment legally they could have 1200 plants. But unlike most people taking advantage of the OMM laws james bowman was trying to show the state that you do not need 6 plants per patient. He was growing 2 plants per patient. There was only 400 plants on the farm and he gave each patient 3-6 pounds a year. Its not free to plant, grow, and take care of 400 plants so before you acuse someone who was trying to help fix the system not take advantage of it get your facts straight. I think its funny everyone is mad about a plant that is harmless and is responsible for “0” deaths a year, yet you think its ok for people to go down and get there priscription that they sell on the streets and ruin peoples lifes! Thats so much better. James was one of the legit OMM farms and it sucks when this happens to a good person

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