FDA Warns Against Teething Gel

If you’ve ever been a parent of a newborn, you know teething can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Now, the Food and Drug Administration is warning parents about some of the options to soothe the teething pain.

In many cases, parents and caregivers rub medication on their infants’ gums.  Now, the FDA is warning those products could be harmful or toxic.

The FDA is warning parents that prescription drugs like Lidocaine are not safe for treating teething in a baby.  Previously, the FDA warned parents not to use over the counter drugs like Benzocaine liquids and gels for teething because they can cause a deadly blood condition.

The federal agency says the safest way is to go natural.  That means gently massage or rub the gums with your finger.  You can also give your little one a cool teething ring or a wet wash cloth to chew on.

For more information, check out the FDA’s full safety warning.