FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fat

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is looking to ban trans fat included in foods.

Trans fat enhances the flavor and makes the food taste better but ingesting it comes at a health risk.

“When they get into our digestive system, it turns to sludge. So, trans fats cause an increase in the bad cholesterol and that bad cholesterol sticks to the arteries. It’s also called LDL or low density lipo-protein,” explained stroke coordinator at Providence Medford Medical Center, Josephine Jacavone.

FDA officials estimate as many as 7 thousand deaths and 20 thousand heart attacks would be prevented from eliminating the oil from processed foods.

Manufacturers have advertised “zero trans fats” in their food products. Companies could legally claim this because the FDA allowed it if the food contained less than .5 grams of the oils. But if the FDA officially moves forward with its decision, manufacturers will not be allowed to even have .5 grams in its products.

The FDA will have a 60 day comment period to get comments from manufacturers before finalizing the ban.