FBI To Help Grubbs Case

ASHLAND, Ore. — More than half a year since a young man was brutally murdered in Ashland, local police are now enlisting the help of federal agents to find his killer. Ashland Police continue their efforts to name a suspect in the David Grubbs murder but with no suspect named, detectives are now calling in the FBI for help. A branch of that agency if set to help officers in their search.

On July 3rd, Ashland Police officials will be on their way to Virginia where they will meet with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Ashland Police say the FBI was involved early on by providing technical support. The agency computerized the case information so that if anything similar came up across the country, it would alert officers. After months of investigation, Ashland Police requested the help of the unit.

Officials say it is rare that this FBI team would take on a case like this as they normally focus on serial killer type cases but they believe the man hours and circumstances of this murder called for an exception. Officials say they hope to receive a profile of what type of suspect to look for along with a comprehensive review of their work so far.

Detectives will be sending digital copies of every interview, every photograph, essentially the entire case will be handed over to the FBI for review. Ashland Police says the case has remained open because leads have continued to pour in with no viable suspect. Ashland Police says investigators will be meeting this week to prepare their presentation for the FBI team.