“John Doe 27″ Located

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[UPDATE: 11-14-13] FBI have released a statement on John Doe 27:

It is now believed that tips generated from the November 12, 2013, publicity campaign have led to the identification and location (in the Midwest region of the USA) of the man in the photographs known as John Doe 27.

As of this time, no arrest warrants have been issued or served. Based upon the progress of this investigation, the FBI has determined that no additional publicity of these images is necessary. No further comments will be made as the investigation remains ongoing, however the FBI wishes to express its gratitude to the public for their vigilance and assistance in this case.

[PREVIOUS STORY] MEDFORD, Ore. — The video of an unknown man with a child is circulating across child pornography websites. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children caught this video back in April.

The man in the video refers to himself as “Jimmy”. He’s a Caucasian man in his 40’s to 50’s, with baldness on the back of his head, and a ring on his right finger. Additional images relevant to the investigation include a plaid chair and the inside of a residence which may be recognized by someone who knows the subject or the victim.

The Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force says the public’s help is critical in helping to identify sex predators. Photos released from the video can hopefully be a clue to someone who may recognize it and eventually catch the offender.

“As in the case in the Pacific Northwest, a soda cup from a local northwest burger shop is going to be identified and be able to save a child,” said Lt. Mike Anderson with Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes.

The task force has a similar database it uses like the FBI. The Child Victim Identification Program or C-VIP can clean up the images of videos with exploited children so it can be released to law enforcement agencies and the public.

Anyone with information to provide should submit a tip online at https://tips.fbi.gov/, or call the FBI’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

John Doe 27