Fatal Hit-and-Run in Cave Junction

Cave Junction Hit and Run 2CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Family and friends say they will find the person responsible for hitting and killing two Cave Junction residents early Wednesday morning. Police say they are looking for a beige, 1980’s-style Toyota pickup truck with a camper shell, and possible front end damage.

Other people in Cave Junction that NewsWatch12 spoke with say they also saw this truck speeding through a residential area, roughly a half an hour before the deadly hit-and-run. It all started when 21-year-old Jarred Quinn Houston pulled over to the side of the road due to mechanical problems.

He was confronted by Robert Calvin, who was walking along side of the road. There are still a lot of questions as to what happened from there, but police say the two men ended up fighting in the middle of the road. This is when the suspect in the Toyota truck hit both men and kept driving.

“If they would’ve stopped…these people in the roadway more than likely no criminal charges would’ve been filed, but now they’ve killed two people and left the scene of a crime, which is a crime in itself,” said Oregon State Police Sgt. Jeff Proulx.

Police say they do have leads on the investigation, and if and when the suspect is caught, criminal charges will be filed.


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  1. matthew cortez says:

    i would like to see the video related to the fatal hit and run

  2. cheree says:

    both boys intentionally followed rab and his wife out of town and together maliciousy attacked rab in a misguided attempt to follow”little matts” tweeker bashing order. (meaning that there is a gang going around Cave Junction and beating up anyone they think is a tweeker)

    The Oregon State Police are calling the incident a coincidence not doing anything about it. I assure you it’s not a coincidence and it is a real event that is happening in Cave Junction Oregon.

    1. catherie says:

      Where you there? of course not so you really don’t have a clue!!!You really should get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off. Let me guess you must be a paranoid tweeker? There isn’t any gangs around here beating tweekers up. But it is a great idea maybe it would help with crime in the area. Its pretty sad that you are stereo typing a young man that you know nothing about. Why the hell would they drive out of town to fight when there is no police in CJ and on a Wednesday night town is dead by 8pm . Word on the street is Rab did a bad drug deal with mustang mark and it was mark who ran them over. I knew Rab to be very hot tempered and mouthy. Jarred to be very level headed young man. Where you there? Of course not so you really don’t have a clue what happened.

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