Fatal Crash Suspect In Court

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By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are continuing the investigation of a fatal hit and run and that driver who police say is responsible for it will most likely remain in jail.

A Jackson County judge set Leta Schroeder’s bail at $3 million. Leta Schroeder appeared through a video camera in court today and barely looked up as she wiped away tears. She is facing multiple charges, one being manslaughter, a Measure 11 offense.

Schroeder is also facing four counts of hit and run and reckless driving. These charges stem from a car crash early Monday morning. Police say she ran a red light and hit a van full of passengers. It resulted in several serious injuries and one fatality.

Police say she fled the scene, but police later located her in White City. A neighbor NewsWatch12 spoke with says her relatives made the call to turn her in. He said he saw Schroeder’s husband and sister-in-law holding her down as she tried to escape.

Medford Police are continuing their investigation to see if alcohol or drugs were in her system. But 14 hours later after the crash, they say it is difficult to determine if she had any in her system.

“It does make it difficult for us investigators but we do have some techniques that we try to establish that particular point and unfortunately, I’m not going to disclose what we believe or what may result in the toxicology test,” states Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Officers say they do not want to send out the wrong message: If someone is intoxicated and gets into a crash, fleeing the scene to avoid a DUII is worse. A DUII is a misdemeanor, fleeing the scene is a felony.

Schroeder told the judge she cannot post bail for the $3 million bail the judge set. She is expected to appear in court again at the end of this month for a preliminary hearing.