Farmhouse Workers Waiting for Paychecks

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Former employees of the Old Farmhouse restaurants are speaking out about being suddenly laid off. Some employees have not received their final paychecks since the restaurants closed last month and those employees are still looking for answers from the restaurants’ owner.

The five Old Farmhouse locations in Medford, Phoenix, White City and Ashland shut down in mid-February. At the time, owner Greg Cordova said it was because of financial problems.

Some Old Farmhouse employees say they did not even get a warning; they showed up to work one day in February, and found the door locked. Since then, they say they have not received their final paychecks, or any explanation from the chain’s owner. Several employees said they tried contacting Cordova, but still have not heard back.

“It’s been that way since. I haven’t got a call, I haven’t got any information, really. I’m kind of just floating around like everyone else,” said McKenzie Johnson, who worked as a waitress at the Phoenix location.

Cordova did not return multiple calls from NewsWatch 12.

Several former employees have filed complaints against Cordova with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry. The Bureau said those workers are looking for compensation for their lost wages. BOLI has the ability to inflict penalties on employers or pay the workers back from a wage security fund. For more information on filing a wage claim with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, click here.