Farmers Market Fights High Heat

Farmer's Market Fights HeatJACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Farmers market vendors are fighting the record-breaking temperatures this weekend. Some are taking extra measures to keep their produce fresh. Sunday damp towels covered some vegetables at the Jacksonville Farmers Market on 5th and C Streets. Farmers say the moisture keep them from wilting or drying out in the heat. According to a farmer with Hanley Farms in Central Point, anyone at home with plants in the garden can keep them from falling victim to the scorching heat with mulch.

“If you keep a heavy layer of mulch around your plants during the summer months, and all months really, you not only keep the soil cool and stays moist longer, but you provide habitat for all the good bugs to come in and and take care of the issues that generally people think they need insecticides and stuff for,” Nick Mahmood.

The market’s hours are also helping with the heat. This year it closes almost two hours earlier than last year to avoid the hottest part of the day.